HeliCoil Screw Locking Insert as standard is available in Stainless Steel AISI-304/ DTD 734 . Metric series ranges from M2 to M39 & unified series from UNC / UNF 1-64 to 1-1/2 inch. HeliCoil Screw Lock Insert is also available in strip feed or reel mounted form .
HeliCoil Locking Insert provides an exclusive, resilient internal locking thread that grips the bolt and prevents it from loosening under vibration or impact. One or more coils of the HeliCoil insert, having a series of straight segments/ chords, achieve locking action. HeliCoil Locking Insert permits repeated assembly and disassembly and will not relax their grip on the screw even in tough metals such as cast iron, alloy steel, titanium, etc. HeliCoil Locking Insert positively secures threaded members against loosening caused by vibration and shock. HeliCoil Locking Insert has a high reusable factor permitting frequent removal and reassembly of bolt without appreciable loss of torque. It has positive self-locking torque, complying with NASM8846, MA1565 and MIL-N-25027. It eliminates the usage of lock wiring, lock nuts, lock washers, chemical compounds, plastic pellets/ patches and other locking mechanisms. The HeliCoil Locking Inserts are subjected to extensive tests in tension, torque, shear, vibration and fatigue, conducted by the American & European companies. Its applications include sectors like Aviation & Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial, Automotive and Military.

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