Mounting motors and speed reducers can be an expensive and challenging task, fabricating structurally sound foundations and incorporating flexible couplings to deal
with shaft misalignment issues. Even when the engineering is done and the money spent, your troubles are not over. There are issues associated with assembling the entire system in the field, not to mention the ongoing need to replace worn flexible coupling elements and pounded out keyways. And forget about getting the mounted drive apart for service once the flexible coupling hubs have fretted and corroded to the shaft. That is, unless you are using a B-LOC WK Rigid Coupling by Fenner Drives.

WK Rigid Couplings are external keyless locking devices that simultaneously transmit high torques and bending moments that allow your drive to be overhung shaft mounted. By using a B-LOC WK Rigid Coupling and a simple torque arm (to prevent the mounted drive from rotating), you completely eliminate the need for structural foundations since the drive hangs off the end of the shaft. As a result of this ingenious system, shaft alignment issues are gone and consumable flexible coupling elements a thing of the past.

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