A range of axially grooved pulleys to ISO 13050 for use with HTD (High Torque Drive) timing belts, or Fenner HTD Pulley derivatives such as Fenner® Torque Drive Plus and Contitech CXP III.

These are fully metric pulleys for belts with tooth pitches of 5M, 8M & 14M (mm).

They are made of steel or cast-iron materials and mostly incorporate taper bores for use with Fenner® Taper Lock shaft fixing bushes.

Taper Lock bushes allow a particular pulley to be fitted to a wide range of shaft diameters, either metric or inch, with standard keyways.

The stock range of groove numbers and belt widths that can be accommodated are:

5M tooth pitch 28 - 136 grooves 9 & 15mm belt widths
8M tooth pitch 22 - 192 grooves 20, 30, & 50mm belt widths
14M tooth pitch 28 - 192 grooves 40, 55 & 85mm belt widths

These stock pulleys cater for standard drives up to 250 kW capacity.

Pulleys for 8M 85mm wide, and 14M 115 & 170mm wide are available to order.

Pulleys with up to 64 grooves are flanged in order to locate the belt on the working face (at least one pulley in any drive combination must be flanged)

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