Fenner resilient couplings give you a combination of advantages of high power rating of a gear coupling and flexibility of elastomer coupling. They are easy to install and simple to maintain. The flexible grids are quickly replaceable without disturbing the connected equipment.
Fenner Resilient Couplings are available in broad range of sizes covering from 0.45kW to 1307kW per 100rpm and bores up to 267mm.
All metal construction having no fast wearing out components.
Accurately machined. Dynamic balancing is normally not required.
Torsionally flexible. Progressive torsional flexibility (due to curved profile) provides protection against shock load, impact load and vibration.
Heat treated spring steel grid absorbs high impact shocks without loss of energy.
Transmits full torque with dampened vibration and reduce peak loads.
When overload occurs, grid fails and prevents failure of the shaft or machinery part connected to the coupling.
When parallel misalignment is too severe, the related machine is protected by the virtue of shearing of grid or tooth.
Extended life of parts of machines (Mechanical seal and bearing etc.)
Easy to install.

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