Why Gear Coupling ?

Fenner Gear Coupling Indonesia. Although the shafts are accurately aligned at the time of installation, it is likely that during the operation the alignment may get disturbed due to setting of foundation, thermal expansion, shaft deflection, wearing out of other parts, improper maintenance and many more reasons. Due to this unavoidable misalignment occurring during the operation a gear coulping provides a better solution to compensate or minimise the effect of misalignment.

The gear Couplings are therefore idealy suited for wide range of application in the entire field of drive technology.


The main function of any Gear coupling is not only to connect two rotating shafts but also to accommodate mis-alignments of the connecting shafts ELIGN Gear coupling accommodates the following three types of misalignment.



When axes of connected shafts are parallel but not in the same straight line


When axes of connected shafts intersect at center point of coupling but not in the same straight line.  

C. COMBINED RADIAL & ANGULAR When the axes of connected shafts do not intersect at point of coupling and are not parallel. 

Besides above three types of misalignment, the ELIGN Gear coupling also permits axial movement of the shaft.

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