Fenner Bended Belts

Banded Belts are ideal for problematic drives, 2 to 5 V or Wedge banded belts are combined with a neoprene / fabric band to form a single banded belt. Banded belts reduce the effects of belt vibration Banded Belts are available in all sections; lengths up to 12.5m Banded belts spacing for either ISO or RMA pulley grooves Aramid cords available in some sections of banded belt

The advantages of Fenner wedge belts are combined with a neoprene/fabric band to form a single belt. Ideal for applications where pulsating or shock loads cause instability in matched sets of wedge or V belts, Fenner Concord PLUS banded belts can provide the ideal solution by providing sufficient lateral rigidity to eliminate such problems.

  • Eliminates belt whip, belt twist and belt turn over
  • Ideal for drives with pulsating loads
  • Heat and oil resistant
  • Supplied to suit either Fenner® ISO standard Taper Lock® pulleys or RMA standard pulleys
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • BS 3790 (British Standard)

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