CX-2000 External Burnishing Machine

The CX-2000 External Roller Burnishing Machine offers quiet, smooth operation in a rigid and stable machine design. Two models are available: an adjustable speed model, with variable frequency drive and digital speed display; and an economical fixed speed model (which can be adjusted, if necessary). Coolant capability is standard on both models. An optional portable cabinet with integral coolant pump is offered (and recommended).

CX-3000 External Burnishing Machine

The new CX-3000 External Roller Burnishing Machine replaces the former CX-1 and CX-2 model machines. The CX-3000 is designed for permanent installation on the production floor. The CX-3000 machine is available in two models: the CX-3000-1 for part diameters from .045 to 1.004 inch (1.15 to 25.50mm), and the CX-3000-2 for part diameters from .963 to 2.504 inch (25.46 to 63.60mm). The large part diameter range capacity is accomplished by using one base model machine and two interchangeable spindle assemblies that can be changed by either the customer or by our trained technicians at our factory.


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